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Install and Configure Protocol Buffers (protobuf) and gRPC for Go

Protocol Buffers (protobuf) and gRPC in Go • 6m 50s

Up Next in Protocol Buffers (protobuf) and gRPC in Go

  • protocol-buffers

    Protocol Buffers are the next step in data formats for high performance distributed systems. In comparison to JSON or XML, protobufs can encode and decode faster, have a smaller encoded size, and allow for use across platforms and languages.

    In this chapter, we will cover how to create and use...

  • Introduction to gRPC in Go

    gRPC is a modern open source high performance RPC framework that can run in any environment. In this chapter we will cover the basic concepts used in gRPC, as well as create some simple RPC calls using protocol buffers and implement them with gRPC. We'll also cover how to create specific errors a...

  • gRPC Metadata

    Similar to how HTTP protocol can send headers, gRPC allows you to send key/value pairs via metadata. This module shows how to set and retrieve metadata, and guidelines around when to use it.