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Watch Securing gRPC Services

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Securing gRPC Services

Protocol Buffers (protobuf) and gRPC in Go • 10s

Up Next in Protocol Buffers (protobuf) and gRPC in Go

  • Testing and Mocking gRPC Services

    This chapter will show how to approach testing for both client and server services. We will also cover how to mock out specific parts of the stack to enable easy unit testing.

  • gRPC Middleware

    You can implement middleware in your gRPC stack with "interceptors". This chapter will show how to create basic interceptors and cover existing third party interceptors. This module will also cover setting up basic health checks, retry logic, and load balancing.

  • gRPC Tracing and Monitoring

    This chapter will cover how to enable tracing across your distributed gRPC stack, as well as cover popular concepts such as OpenTrace and OpenCensus.