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Go Fundamentals • 39m

Up Next in Go Fundamentals

  • Maps

    Maps are a powerful built-in data structure that associates keys and values. In this module you will cover basic map creation, initialization, and iteration. You will discover how to determine if values exist in maps and how to update and delete map values.

  • Pointers

    A pointer is a type that holds the address that points to a variables value. In many languages, pointers are the source of pain and confusion. Go has made it easy to use and understand pointers. In this module you will learn about the difference between pass by value and pass by reference. You wi...

  • Functions

    Functions in Go are a primitive type. This chapter will cover how to declare and call functions. You will cover how to send zero or many arguments, as well as receive zero or many arguments. Variadic arguments, defers, and panics will also be covered.