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Concurrency: Sync Package

Go Fundamentals • 40m

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  • Concurrency With Channels

    This chapter covers Go routines and how to synchronize communication between them. Channels are explored along with the corresponding patterns for each. Find out the difference between a buffered and unbuffered channel, and when to use them. Also discover how to use channels for signaling for con...

  • Testing

    Go ships with a powerful testing framework. Tests in Go are written in the Go language, so there is no need to learn another syntax. This module will explore basic tests, table driven tests, and sub-tests. Concepts such as race conditions, code coverage, test automation. Understanding test option...

  • Embedding & Composition

    Go does not provide the typical, type-driven notion of subclassing, but it does have the ability to “borrow” pieces of an implementation by embedding types within a struct or interface. This module will cover how promotion from embedding works as well how collision and overriding are handled. You...