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Go Resources

Get your tips, tricks, and how too's on every day tasks in Go. From learning about modules, to setting up your environment, and more.

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Go Resources
  • Understand the http.RoundTripper Interface

    Learn about the `http.RoundTripper` and how it allows you to use a custom transport for making network requests.

  • Formatting Custom Types in Go with the `fmt` package.

    Learn how to properly implement formatting on your custom types for the `fmt` package. Both the `stringer` and `formatter` interface will be explored.

  • Building Tooling with Genny

    Learn about the Genny package. A package designed to generate code and tooling. This video will cover boxes, files, commands, http requests, runners, generators, transformers, and of course, it is all tested.

    Source code for the video can be found at https://github.com/markbates/ringo.

  • Go Bootcamp

    Ever wanted to know more about Go? Curious why it's the language of the cloud? Watch this bootcamp to get a quick grasp of why the language was created, some basic cli and http/net basic web development, as well as your first introduction to how Go's concurrency model works.

    You can find the s...

  • Understanding sync.WaitGroup

    Sometimes the best way to learn how something works is to write your own implementation of it. In this video, Mark Bates will show you how to build your own sync.WaitGroup clone. This process will show how a WaitGroup works, as well as the challenges of writing a concurrent piece of code that m...

  • Go Modules for Package Maintainers

    Wondering how to make sure your Go package is backwards compatible with Deps? How about Go 1.8? In this video, Mark Bates will walk through the most common mistakes that package maintainers make when implementing Go modules, as well as how to properly handle forward and backwards compatibility fo...

  • Workflow Automation In Go

    In this 10 minute video, renowned Go expert, Cory LaNou, shows how workflow automation can significantly improve developer productivity. This video will show how to implement some very simple, lightweight automation to automatically run tests and code coverage in Go.

  • Introducing Pkger - Static File Embedding

    A static file embedding package to enable you to ship a single static binary!